Smart Products

Smart Switches

  • Aesthetically designed Touch switches
  • Choose from a variety of design layouts, colors and touch button icons
  • Controlled via RF Remote, voice enabled devices & mobile Devices
  • Works even without Internet
  • Control your ambience through mood Setting features which is customizable
  • Configurable any switch to any switch as Two-Way with no wiring
  • Saves wiring cost for 2-way Controls
  • Switch Indication configurable for Dim / Bright / Off after delay
  • Control fan speed, AC controls and other electrical appliances

Smart Plugs

Our Smart Plug portfolio consists of two products- Smart Plug Control which enables ON/OFF functionality and Smart Plug Metering that enables monitoring of the Energy consumption through the socket

  • Convert any electrical socket into a smart socket
  • Switch ON/OFF any electrical appliances connected to the sockets
  • Energy consumption of each point can be accessed via the integrated Mobile Apps

Smart Remote

The inconvenience of controlling all your home devices will be solved with this home automation system product, the touch remote. Different attractive features are combined together in a low-cost, complete and efficient system for remote access and operation of a room. Lighting, temperature control, door management, security can be conveniently controlled with this touch remote.


Curtain Controls

Make your home smarter with our curtain controls for various type of Curtains, and blinds. Control all types of  blinds and lights with a single tap on your phone or remote. Easy to install and use, it can be connected to a voice control function too

Safety Sensors

  • Gas Leak Sensor- The wall-mounted sensor used for precise gas leakage detection ensures nonstop and precise monitoring of flammable gas
  • Smoke Sensor- Smoke is detected, an alarm is activated and using wi-fi or RF technology, to connect to your smartphone or app, an alert is sent along with a siren sound
  • Panic Alarm- The Panic Alarm is very handy which helps the user to call for help in case of an emergency. It is handy for anyone, especially the elderly or disabled. It can easily be fixed in rooms with high risk of accidents, such as the bathroom

Security Sensors

  • Motion Sensor- The smart infrared motion sensor is compact and can sense movements within a radius of 10 feet and one that can be easily mounted on a wall or a shelf
  • Ambience Sensor- The Ambient Light Day and Night Sensor is the perfect gadget for increased energy saving and home security.
  • Window/Door Sensor- Increase your security with our Smart Door & Window Sensor, which easily senses the opening and closing of doors, and windows
  • Vibration Sensor- Wireless, battery operated device can detect and report vibrations making it the perfect sensor for any use

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