The concept of Smart Homes has made our living spaces more interactive and responsive to the needs of users. Home Automation not only helps to reduce the complexity of managing all your electrical appliances within your home, but also give a personalised feel of living as per the daily routine of the user. The Home automation concept covers a wide range of functionality right from operating your lightings, your home security, easy opening of your garage doors, instant availability of coffee as and when you need it and almost everything that comes across your daily activities.

The beauty about Home Automation is that is brings the entire control of the house over the tips of the finger and the sensors are smart enough to take self decisions based on any sorts of natural events and surrounding environment. For e.g. if there is enough rain throughout the day in your city, the water sprinklers present in your garden will sense the soil moisture and not sprinkle unnecessary additional amount of water that day. Also, the smart lights within your house can adjust the temperature based on the availability of the surrounding natural brightness.

Lets us have a better understanding of what all devices can be included as a part of your Home Automation system.

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